#EPIC VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT posted by Faiq, April 2nd

Itching to get rid of that unwanted stress? Need time off to just sit, unwind, and let your mind wander to a happy place where you’re a Rock star or even Super hero?

Then come hone your skills at our Epic Video Game Night, this April 14th @ EV 7.745 from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. We will be featuring all top consoles and games such as Rock Band, Super Smash Bros and we will be including refreshments and prizes.

Tickets are being sold at $5 ($6 at door) and can be bought at the ECA office on 8th floor, Hall Building. Or ask any of your DMSA Execs


#EXPOSED'09 posted by Faiq, March 16th

Have great works or ideas but not sure what to do with them? Before you stuff them into that closet of yours and lose it for all of time why not share your views and inspirations with the world?

Each year the DMSA holds an art gallery that does just that. All we ask is for you to send us your documentation of your work and how it is related to the venue. EXPOSED'09. For more info or questions click here!

Remember, this is for students like you to get involved and also a great learning experience on what it takes to expose your artworks to the world, so take advantage of it. Check out the Art Gallery that we will be presenting in:Art Mur


#MEETING posted by Faiq, March 13th

We currently hold meetings every Fridays from 2:15 to 2:45, @ the B-annex office (click here to find it).

Anyone who is interested to see what's going on and also perhaps wants lend a hand should come one by.



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